O'HARA: Raiola says report of Suh's aggressive play in practice is "completely false"

Posted Sep 17, 2013

Jay Glazer of the Fox Network reported on Sunday that Ndamukong Suh does the same things in practice that have gotten him fined by the NFL for plays outside the rules

Lions center Dominic Raiola has battled teammate Ndamukong Suhhead-to-head in practice for four years and is the first to come to Suh’s defense concerning a report that the Pro Bowl defensive tackle crosses the line with overly aggressive play in practice.

Jay Glazer of the Fox Network, who has broken numerous major stories in the past, reported on Sunday that Suh does the same things in practice that have gotten him fined by the NFL for plays outside the rules.

None of that has happened in practice, Raiola said Tuesday.

"That never happened," Raiola said. "It’s completely false.  You have to look no further than his teammates voting him captain. He doesn’t do that in practice. It’s totally false."

Suh is physical in practice, and Raiola appreciates that about him.

"He practices hard," Raiola said. "That’s how you should practice -- like a professional. That how he gets himself ready to play. I don’t know exactly what the words were (in Glazer’s report), but he’s not stomping on teammates, hitting people in the faces."

Suh was fined $100,000 by the NFL for a low block on Vikings center John Sullivan in the opening game. Suh is appealing the fine. The appeal reported will be heard on Tuesday of next week.

If Suh were using such tactics in practice, it would be handled internally, Raiola said.

"It would be addressed, you know what I’m saying," Raiola said. "That’s totally false. It’s 180 degrees false.

"If something like that was going on, it would be nipped in the bud out there. That’s pretty serious. He’s a pretty physical specimen, doing stuff like that.

"You watch this guy play -- he plays with such intensity. You’ve got to appreciate that. He’s like a throw-back. He really is."