Caldwell testing rookies in the meeting room

Posted May 18, 2014

The Lions coaching staff is throwing plenty of information at the team's rookies from the get-go.

If the Lions’ rookies think they’ve been hearing some of the same things repeated over and over – and over and over, it’s because they have.

It’s part of Coach Jim Caldwell’s method of saturating players with information in order to better equip them to perform at a high level.

For the rookies, the three-day mini-camp ends after Sunday’s practice, but it won’t be the end of the information stream they get from the coaching staff.

It will be repeated again when the OTA workouts start next week with veterans and rookies combined in full-squad workouts.

Eric EbronTE Eric Ebron awaits the playcall in the huddle (Photo: Detroit Lions)

The advice linebacker Kyle Van Noy said he has gotten from the veterans in his first week told him how important the mental aspect of the game is at the pro level.

“It’s just kind of get up with the program,” Van Noy said Saturday. “This is the pros, and I expected that. I’m excited for it.”

Coach Jim Caldwell spoke at the start of rookie camp about how much the rookies have to digest in a short period of time.

“We are certainly throwing a lot of information at them,” Caldwell said. “What happens with these guys for the most part is that we try and make certain that they hear our offense, defense and our kicking game installed at least four times.

“We start from scratch. We start it over again in the rookie mini-camp. They’ll hear it again when OTAs begin on Tuesday. We start from scratch again, and then they also hear it from the beginning at our regular veteran mini-camp that we have toward the end of our OTAs.

“Then they hear it again. They come back, and we have a rookie period for three days prior to training camp. They’ll hear it again at the start of training camp.

“So we try to saturate them as much as we possibly can with that information so the young guys that we have that we’re anticipating are going to have to help us during the course of the year can at least have a chance of grasping the material.”