Former QB weighs in on Stafford injury

Posted Dec 12, 2016

Former Lions QB Greg Landry weighs in on how a finger injury can affect a quarterback.

Get a grip, Detroit Lions fans.

Greg Landry, the last Lions quarterback to make the Pro Bowl (1971) before Matthew Stafford went after the 2014 season, says the injury Stafford sustained to his middle finger should not have a major effect on Stafford’s ability to throw the ball.

Landry, a Lion from 1968-78 in a 15-year NFL career that ended in 1984, expects pain management will be a more important element than the injury itself in how Stafford’s performance might be affected.

Stafford was injured in the first quarter of Sunday’s 20-17 victory over the Chicago Bears. He played the rest of the game with a glove on his right hand.

The fact that Stafford finished the game is the best indication that he can play with the injury, Landry said.

“He proved he could,” Landry said Monday. “He did it almost the whole game.

“I think it’ll be real sore, but I think he can throw with it.”

Landry, who turns 70 later this year, has made Metro Detroit his home since his retirement as a player. He has kept a close watch on the Lions  -- and the quarterbacks in particular – as a fan with a vested emotional interest in the franchise.

The thumb and the index finger are the two most important fingers in throwing the ball effectively, Landry said. The thumb provides most of the grip, and the index finger is the last one off the ball in the release.