Ziggy Ansah has fun with his introductory press conference

Posted Apr 26, 2013

If the new Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah was nervous when introduced to the media on Friday, he certainly didn't show it

Ziggy AnsahDE Ziggy Ansah
If new Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah was nervous about being introduced to the Detroit media on Friday, he certainly didn't show it.

The Lions' No. 5-overall pick was engaging, witty and even managed to crack a few jokes. Ansah made quite an impression and even had a little fun at his own expense. When asked where the 3D glasses he wore at the NFL Draft in New York were, Ansah pulled out a new pair given to him by SVS Vision.

"Actually, I have them right here," he said, pulling out the new glasses. "You have to give me a second. Is this an upgrade? This is Detroit welcoming me here."

The athletic Ansah had 4.5 sacks last year at BYU. While most defensive ends talk openly about their hatred for quarterbacks, Ansah said he doesn't hate quarterbacks at all.

"You know, I don't know if I want to use the word hate because you can't concentrate if you hate somebody," he said when asked about having a mean streak. "You've got to love them. If you love somebody, you want to grab them. So, I love quarterbacks."

He also talked about the moment he had with his mother when he left Ghana for BYU.

"She was really excited for me," Ansah said. "You know, coming out of Africa, everyone wants to come to the United States just to be well-educated and she didn't hesitate to support me. So that was good."

But was he hesitant to leave?

"Oh, I didn't hesitate," he said. "She was crying when I was leaving. I was like, 'See you later'."

Ansah also talked about the impromptu graduation ceremony he had in New York with family and friends because he was missing BYU's commencement ceremony for the draft.

"It is really important," Ansah said. "Coming out of Africa if you don't do well in school, you get your butt whooped. You've got to excel. You can't just go out and play if you're getting all D's and F's in school, you know? You're going to be picked out of the field, 'Come home, come study.' So, education is really big in our family and I just couldn't do without it."

Ansah got his degree in actuarial science, which he then had to explain what it was.

"It's basically insurance, calculating risk," he said. "Just like telling people what amount of insurance they've got to pay to what age they're going to die. It's crazy."

He was then asked to calculate the risk the Lions might have taken selecting him at No. 5.

"I already did the calculation and it's personal," he said.  "Sorry."