Van Noy felt a connection with Caldwell, Lions right away

Posted May 16, 2014

Kyle Van Noy said he had a connection right away with head coach Jim Caldwell, which has been echoed by other Lions players this offseason.

One thing Lions fans will quickly learn about new Detroit Lions linebacker Kyle Van Noy is that he’s two very different people on and off the field.

Kyle Van NoyOLB Kyle Van Noy (Photo: Detroit Lions)

Off the field, Van Noy is a regular guy. He’s respectful, polite and would rather stay home and hang out with his fiancée (Former Miss Utah, Marrisa Powell) than do anything else.

On the field, however, he's admittedly someone else, a versatile linebacker who recorded 223 tackles, seven interceptions, 26 sacks and five touchdowns at BYU.

Van Noy said it’s necessary to play with an edge and an attitude “between the lines,” but off of the field, he’s a different person, and it’s one of the reasons why he and Lions head coach Jim Caldwell have hit it off so well.

“Oftentimes, I know you understand in this business, it’s a relationship business,” Caldwell said at Van Noy's introductory press conference.

“Sometimes relationships develop pretty quickly and if you get a chance, you kind of hit it off with a guy or you get a pretty clear understanding of one another.

“It didn’t take Kyle and I very long to get to know one another pretty well. We had some pretty special moments, and a lot of it’s, obviously, because of the fact of the kind of person he is. He’s open, he’s honest, and he’s passionate. He thinks about what he says, he means what he says.”

Caldwell correlated those aspects of Van Noy's personality to the player Lions fans will see on the field. He said Van Noy is a player who turns it on from start to finish.

“He has the ability to really turn the ball over,” Caldwell said. “He’s an exciting player and I think he’s going to be a great leader for our team as well as he matures and develops.”

Van Noy said he had a connection right away with Caldwell, which has been echoed by other Lions players this offseason.

“Me and Coach Caldwell just had a personal talk with each other that was really just – I haven’t had that with somebody else in my entire life,” Van Noy said. “I was just grateful to have it with him and we hit it off, like he was saying earlier. I’m really grateful that he believed in me and wants me to be a part of his team.”

That talk wasn’t all roses and sunshine, either, which is what Van Noy said he respected the most about it.

“He picked me apart,” Van Noy said. “He kind of told me what I needed to work on. He’s really honest and upfront. That’s the kind of person I am as well.

“I’m honest and upfront. From that point on, I bought in to what he was saying. I bought in to his system, what his coaching style was and I just bought in to the team and the values.

"I was just grateful to get that phone call and have him on the phone and tell me that I’m his guy… and to come in and work hard and try to help out the team as best as possible to win.”