Twentyman: Where is the Detroit Lions organization heading?

Posted Jan 1, 2014

The Lions are trying to break the stereotype of "same old Lions"

Tom Lewand and Martin MayhewTom Lewand and Martin Mayhew addressed the media on Monday.

Same old Lions.

It's a stereotype this current front office regime has tried to eradicate from the consciousness of Lions fans since they took over in 2009.

But Monday, after firing head coach Jim Schwartz after five seasons, that phrase was again hitting the airwaves and the chat rooms all around Detroit.

Same old Lions about to begin another coaching search. Same old Lions starting over again.

These Lions aren't starting over, however, and that's the difference this time around. This roster is filled with young, talented players, who are ready to win now. In fact, most outside observers think the Lions coaching job is the most attractive of the currently six NFL head coaching vacancies.

That's never been the case in the past.

Team president Tom Lewand and general manager Martin Mayhew were very clear during Monday's press conference about their expectation for the new coaching regime and the expectations the Ford Family has.

"The expectation is to bring a consistently-winning football team to the city of Detroit immediately," Lewand said.

The Lions are viewing this next coaching search very different than any other coaching search they've conducted in over a decade. This isn't just another revolving door that's going to see it's eighth different coach walk through in the last 15 years.

They view this search as an evolution to finally put to bed the "same old Lions" moniker and to definitively turn this organization into a consistent winner for a loyal fan base.

"There is not really much of a comparison between where we were in 2009 and where we are now," Mayhew said. "We are trying to get to another place and trying to get to another level."

It isn't a question about the Lions fighting to be a competitive football team anymore. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and Ndmamkong Suh ensure the Lions will be competitive every time they step on the field.

Going from competitive to consistently good to hosting playoffs games and being a real factor in championship conversation is the next evolution.

It's why this current coaching search is the most import this organization has ever conducted. The time to win is now.

It's time to move on from "same old Lions.”