Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer stops by Lions practice to marvel at Megatron

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Leading American League Cy Young candidate Max Scherzer says he and his teammates can appreciate what Calvin Johnson can do.

Detroit Tigers pitcher, and leading candidate for the American League Cy Young Award, Max Scherzer, gets to see greatness every day in the form of teammate and reigning MVP Miguel Cabrera.

Tuesday, Scherzer stopped by Lions practice to meet football’s equivalent of Cabrera -- Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.

"We can appreciate what he can do," Scherzer, a former high school quarterback, said of Johnson. "He actually came out last year and took some (batting practice) and put on a pretty good show, hit some home runs and stuff. I think it's the same thing watching him as watching Miguel."

Detroit fans are spoiled in that sense. They are probably watching two athletes in Johnson and Cabrera who might go down as two of the greatest in their respective sports before it's all said and done.

Many of the Lions players, including Johnson, have good relationships with Tigers players and some of the other Detroit professional athletes.

"I know a couple of them," Scherzer said. "I've met them a few times at events and stuff. They've always told me to come out here, get out here and watch them practice every now and then. Finally, I'm taking the opportunity to come out here."

Scherzer told the media he played on the varsity football team as a freshman and sophomore quarterback in high school before quitting the sport to concentrate on baseball full time.

It was then suggested that Scherzer, who has an 18-1 record for the Tigers this season, take a few a snaps.

"Probably not," he said. "I know where I'm suited best, and that’s on a mound."