Notebook: Colts taking advantage of Stanton's knowledge; Delmas update; records vs. wins

Posted Nov 28, 2012

QB Drew Stanton is now the back-up to Andrew Luck in Indianapolis and Colts' interim head coach Bruce Arians says his coaching staff has tried to take advantage of some of that knowledge.

Quarterback Drew Stanton spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Lions and knows this offense just as well as Matthew Stafford and Shaun Hill.

Stanton is now the back-up to Andrew Luck in Indianapolis and Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians says his coaching staff has tried to take advantage of some of that knowledge.

“Well, you know, any time you have a player from another club you always ask him,” Arians told reports in a conference call. “He’s a very bright guy and we’re really glad to have him. You know, he’s met with our coaches on both sides of the ball and he gave as much info as he could give that could help our game plan. It’s always fun to have a guy who is that in-tune where, ‘Hey, I can help you with this.’ The coaches always listen. That’s our job.”

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said that kind of thing goes on around the league almost weekly.

“Well, he was obviously here with our offense. So, he knows our offense inside out and a lot of our calls,” Schwartz said of Stanton. “Now, a lot of that they changed back in training camp and we have more than one call for different things and we can use dummy calls. I mean, it’s no different than any other play.

“But as a quarterback and a guy who was here three years in the same offense, there’s certainly some insight that he has. Just his insight of defense, you know, he worked against our defense on the scout team. You know, he can talk to them about certain players, strengths and weaknesses and things like that. It’s all part of having a scouting report and getting ready to play.”

The Lions were in a similar situation earlier this year when they traded for Jaguars receiver Mike Thomas the week they played the Jaguars.

Safety Louis Delmas wasn’t on the practice field Wednesday and was once again on the injury report with that left knee.

Delmas has started four games this year but has only finished two. Schwartz was asked Wednesday at what point would the team shut him down for the remainder of the year.

“If he can’t make it to Sunday, if he can’t be effective on Sunday that certainly would be a consideration of any player and if you reach the point where it was doing more harm than good,” he said. “Louis is a competitor that wants to be out there and he’s found a way to be able to get out there. It’s a tough time practicing on a daily basis for him just because of his knee situation but we’ll take that week-by-week.”

While Delmas’ status for Sunday in uncertain, what he means to the defense is not. If they’re going to make a run these last five weeks, they have a better chance with Delmas on the field.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is on a close pace to throw for 5,000 yards again this season. He’d be only the second player to accomplish the feat twice (Drew Brees).

Receiver Calvin Johnson needs 591 yards to break Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yards record of 1,848 yards.

"It would be awesome as long as those come with good performances by our team and wins,” Stafford said Thursday. “There's some opportunities to some things. I think Calvin's pretty close on pace to that Jerry Rice thing, saw that somewhere the other day. So that would be cool, but he's the same way I am. He wants that as long as we're playing well and winning.”

The season has come down to five games for the Lions, and they need them all to get into the playoffs. If both Stafford and Johnson can get their records and the Lions win games along the way, then it’s a good deal for both of them.

Johnson has 32 catches for 619 yards (154.8 per game) and three touchdowns over the last four games, but the Lions have won only one of those games.

Records are great but wins are better.

“We have to go out there and try and win all five and see where the chips fall after that,” Stafford said. “There's no gimmes in this league and we don't have any down the stretch.”