Ndamukong Suh knows better than to underestimate Robert Griffin III

Posted Sep 18, 2013

Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says he has much respect for Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III ... knee injury or not

Ndamukong Suh caught his first glimpse of Robert Griffin III back in 2008 when both players were in the Big 12.

Griffin was a versatile first-year starting quarterback at Baylor.

Suh was a junior at Nebraska and well on his way to becoming the most dominant defensive player in the college game.

It was Oct. 25 in Nebraska and Baylor had just three wins on the season, but Griffin left his mark on Suh in an eventual, 32-20, Nebraska win. Griffin threw for 134 yards and rushed for another 121 and a touchdown in the loss.

It’s five years later and the respect Suh developed for Griffin following that game is still there -- even though Griffin is coming off an ACL injury -- and the threat of him as a runner hasn’t been as great these first two weeks of the season.

"To me, you have to respect him no matter what," Suh said. "Every time (I’ve played against him) he’s done something spectacular with his feet, let alone something with his arm. You have to respect him no matter what."

For his part, Suh had seven tackles and got himself a half sack on Griffin in that game back at Memorial Stadium in 2008.

"He is a football player," Griffin said of Suh in a conference call Wednesday. "He is a defensive player that wants to hit the quarterback. You have to trust your guys up front to be able to go out and block him."

The Lions will certainly have a plan to stop Griffin and Washington's read option offense Sunday ... knee brace or not.

"I’m going to be ready for the RGIII that can run and throw," Lions defensive end Jason Jones said.

The No. 1 key for the Lions is stopping the run and that starts with Griffin.

"They are still running the same schemes, so you better be ready for it," Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said. "We’ll be prepared for him carrying the ball, him handing it off and throwing it and all those different things. We’re certainly going to prepare as though he’s carrying the ball."