Multiple teams interested in Teryl Austin as head coach

Posted Jan 1, 2015

Jim Caldwell said Wednesday that multiple teams have asked to interview defensive coordinator Teryl Austin for a head coaching position.

It has already been reported that the Atlanta Falcons have asked the Lions for permission to interview defensive coordinator Teryl Austin next week for their head coaching vacancy.

Apparently, they aren’t the only ones who've done so.

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell said Thursday there’s been other teams that have formally reached out to interview Austin, though he wouldn't say which ones.

Later in the afternoon, Austin said at his weekly press conference that San Francisco had inquired about its open posistion along with the Falcons.

Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Oakland, Buffalo and the New York Jets are all looking for new head coaches.

Teryl AustinDC Teryl Austin (Photo: Detroit Lions)

Austin is among a list of candidates that include Denver offensive coordinator Adam Gase, Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. 

“I hope it happens for him because he’s deserving of it,” Caldwell said of Austin. “He’s a quality coach and he’s outstanding. I’ve talked to him about it all along. I give him every single thing that I know in terms of preparation and those kinds of things.

"I’ve been through it the same time of year that he’s going to go through and that kind of thing. We talk about those things in detail, talk about everything he’s going to be asked, so he’ll be well-prepared for it when it does happen.”

It would obviously be a big loss for the Lions to lose Austin after just one season as their defensive coordinator. His transformation of the Lions’ defense this year is the main reason they’re 11-5 and playing this weekend.

The Lions defense is ranked second overall, third in scoring and is the top-ranked run-stopping team in the NFL.

“I think he’s deserving of it and I think he’s going to get one,” Caldwell said. “I think once they get an opportunity to see him and listen to him and watch what he’s been able to do, I think it will happen for him.

“I think that will be absolutely outstanding. I love ambitious people that are looking to try to improve their lot in life and their career.”

But Caldwell was sure to emphasize that Austin’s focus is still very much on the task at hand, which is trying to find a way to stop one of the best offenses in the NFL in Dallas and their three-pronged attack of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray.

“We also have a job to do right now,” Caldwell said. “So, we’re focused on that more so than anything else. When that time comes, we’ll even talk a little bit more in detail about it.”