Megatron appreciates Lance Moore's insight and advice

Posted Jun 9, 2015

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson is well-accomplished in this league, but that doesn't mean he's not open to advice.

Calvin Johnson has been named to five Pro Bowls over an eight-year career. He’s been an All-Pro four times and holds the NFL record for most receiving yards (1,964) in a single season, set in 2012. He’s well-accomplished in this league.

That doesn’t mean he’s not open to advice, though, or isn’t trying to find ways to be an even better player heading into year nine in this league.

Lance MooreWR Lance Moore (Photo: Detroit Lions)

New Lions receiver Lance Moore has called it “scary” what a healthy Calvin Johnson might be able to accomplish in year two of Joe Lombardi’s offense.

Moore spent eight years in a similar offense in New Orleans, and after signing a one-year deal with Detroit this offseason, he sees Johnson’s role in this offense very similar to what Marques Colston’s is with the Saints.

Moore, however, said the possibilities are limitless in this offense for Johnson because he’s more “physically gifted” than Colston.

Colston produced six 1,000-yard seasons in nine years in the Saints’ offense and he's had at least five touchdowns in every season. Now consider that Johnson is bigger, faster and stronger than Colston, and it’s easy to see why Moore says Megatron’s potential is scary.

“It’s going to be pretty crazy, a second year in this offense,” Moore said of Johnson’s potential. “I’m trying to help him with a few little things route-wise that I think can help him a whole lot and make his job a lot easier out there.”

Johnson is soaking all that knowledge in.

“He (Moore) came in right away giving me and everyone tips on how to run certain routes and how you can – not deviate – but make adjustments so everything doesn’t look the same to the DBs that maybe have seen it before,” Johnson told after Monday's OTA practice.

“That was a big help to me and it worked right away, some of the things he taught me. You see him doing it and you know it works. It’s cool to have a guy who’s been in the offense that can give me those tools. It’s always good to have someone you can pull off of and gain knowledge from. He’s that guy.”

Johnson embraced the knowledge and experience Moore is providing on the field and in the receiver room, which might not always be the case for mega stars like him at this point in their career, having accomplished so much individually already.

“You can’t close yourself off because there’s always room to learn,” Johnson said. “I don’t care who you are. There may be people who might be like that, but I just think that’s showing how (weak-minded) you are when you close yourself off and you're not be willing to learn from other people.

“There are times you need to be a leader, but there are also other times when you have to sit back and listen.”

In his first season in Lombardi’s system, Johnson caught 71 passes for 1,077 yards (15.2 average) and eight touchdowns, but missed three games and was limited in a couple others with ankle injuries.

Golden Tate, who led the Lions with 99 receptions for 1,331 yards in his first season in Detroit, also said Moore’s addition to the roster is proving to be invaluable.

“This guy has a lot of knowledge,” Tate said. “Very, very smooth route runner, and already he’s taught some of the guys a couple things and he’s going to be a huge addition.

“He’s been in this offense before. He knows exactly how Joe Lombardi wants his plays ran and he’s one of the guys we’re all going to use as a crutch.”

Johnson said everyone on offense has a “way better” understanding of the scheme going into year two and he can already tell through OTAs that the offense is much more fluid than it was a year ago.