Martin Mayhew already seeing the benefits of Brian Xanders hire

Posted Feb 22, 2013

Broncos' executive vice president of football operations John Elway believes he will be a solid contributor for the Detroit Lions

INDIANAPOLIS -- Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said it was his decision to add Brian Xanders to the front office this offseason and that decision is already paying dividends for the team.

"Brian and I had a lot of talks about their structure and the way they did things in Denver and Atlanta, and he's really been helpful, even as far as our Combine preparation so far," Mayhew told beat writers at the NFL Scouting Combine Friday.

"We've changed some things up, as far as our combine books and our interview process, based on Brian's recommendations. He's been a very good pickup for us."

Mayhew said he and Xanders have been friends for a long time and that Xanders has been involved in meetings with player agents this week, too.

Martin Mayhew

Xanders, the former general manager of the Denver Broncos, joined the Lions as a senior personnel executive earlier this month.

"I think he'll be great," said John Elway, the Broncos' executive vice president of football operations, who worked with Xanders for one season in the front office before Xanders left the organization.

"Brian was a guy that is organized and he's a guy that's a hard worker and wants to be a part of it. So I think he'll be a tremendous help for the Lions. With what he did for the Broncos when we were there and before I got there has been huge. So Brian will be a great asset for them."