Lions interview former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak

Posted Jan 8, 2014

Mike Munchak spent more than 30 years with the Oilers/Titans organization as a player and coach

The Detroit Lions continued the search for their new head coach Wednesday by interviewing former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak.

Mike MunchakMike Munchak (Photo: AP Images)

The Titans fired Munchak on Saturday, after he went 22-26 in three seasons, when he declined requests by the Titans front office to make changes to his coaching staff.

"I can’t fire someone when I don’t believe they should be fired," Munchak told The Tennessean on Sunday. "Firing someone is awful. Too many people were going to be affected.

"I didn’t do anything to look like I was a great, loyal guy who went above and beyond the call of duty by not firing coaches. I did what you should do and what I thought was right. For me to maintain a job and a lot of guys lose jobs on a plan I didn’t think was right, I couldn’t do that."

Munchak, 53, is a nine-time All Pro guard who spent his entire playing and coaching career with the Oilers/Titans organization.

It’s been reported Munchak has also interviewed for the coaching vacancy at his alma mater, Penn State, and is a finalist for that job.

The Lions have already interviewed Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell and former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak and are expected to talk to San Diego offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt this week as well.

Like Caldwell, Kubiak and Whisenhunt, Munchak has previous head coaching experience, which is a big plus for the Lions in their search to replace Jim Schwartz, who was fired last week after a 29-51 record in his first head coaching job.

Munchak is a little different than the other candidates who the Lions have already interviewed, and are believed to be interested in interviewing in the near future, in that he doesn’t have a background working with quarterbacks, which Caldwell, Kubiak and Whisenhunt do.