Lions hoping for a run on quarterbacks

Posted May 6, 2014

The more quarterbacks that come off the board early, the better chance the player the Lions covet at No. 10 slips closer to them.

The Detroit Lions are in the market for a quarterback, but don’t expect them to snag one in this week’s NFL Draft until Saturday (rounds 4-7) at the earliest.

Dan OrlovskyQB Dan Orlovsky (left) (Photo: Gavin Smith)

That doesn’t mean, however, they won’t be very interested in how the position shakes out at the top of the draft Thursday night.

In fact, the Lions are hoping for a run on quarterbacks.

“That’d be very helpful for us,” Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said of quarterbacks going off the board early. “I’d like to see six or seven quarterbacks go in the top 10.”

The more quarterbacks that come off the board before the Lions select with the 10th overall pick, the better chance the player the Lions covet at No. 10 slips closer to them.

Even if that's not all the way to 10, the farther a player falls means the price is cheaper if the Lions decide to move up and get him.

“Every different move is a chain reaction going down, so I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Mayhew said. “I’m excited to find out. Like I said before, it’s about preparation, so we will be prepared for every scenario. If no quarterbacks go, we’ll have 10 names. If four quarterbacks go, we’ll know who our guy is at 10. I think that’s the most important part of the process.”

With Matthew Stafford, Dan Orlovsky and Kellen Moore in tow, the Lions are looking more for a developmental player who can potentially turn into a asset down the road. Who knows, the team could always find a diamond in the rough who surprises them in camp and pushes Orlovsky for the backup role.

“I like guys that can throw the ball,” Mayhew said of the position. “That’s the way I grew up in the NFL and in college football, so guys that can sling it are guys that appeal to me. I like the athletic guys. Teams are doing some interesting things with the athletic guys. If you can find an athletic guy that can sling it too, I would really like that guy.”

Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas, San Joe State's David Fales and Clemson's Tajh Boyd are all quarterbacks who fit that mold, and could peak the Lions interest starting Saturday.