Lions grow scouting department

Posted May 29, 2014

The Detroit Lions are making moves in their personnel department.

The Lions are making moves in their personnel department.

General manager Martin Mayhew has promoted Rob Lohman to assistant director of pro personnel.

Additionally, Mayhew expanded the scouting duties of regional scouts Darren Anderson and Joe Kelleher, promoted Alan Anderson to BLESTO scout and hired Patrick Mularkey as pro personnel coordinator.

Lohman joined the Lions player personnel department in 2007 and will now serve as the team’s primary advance scout as well as a pro personnel evaluations role. Lohman will scout other pro leagues, including the CFL and AFL, as well as assist with college scouting.

“Rob is a great asset to both our pro and college scouting,” said Mayhew. “As we continue to seek ways to improve our player personnel operations each year, we want to identify individuals who can help evaluate, select and grow our talent level on this team.

“Rob has done a great job for us and his new role will benefit our evaluation of pro prospects and free agents alike. Additionally, his experience and expertise in advance scouting will contribute to our preparation and game planning of our upcoming opponents throughout the season.”

Lohman previously served as college scouting coordinator/regional scout. Prior to his arrival in Detroit, he spent six years with the Houston Texans as a both a regional scout, pro personnel administrator and advance scout.

Darren Anderson served as the Lions regional BLESTO scout the last two seasons. He will supervise the Lions Midwest Region scouting efforts. Anderson was a fourth round selection by the New England Patriots in the 1992 NFL Draft and he's in his third season with the Lions.

Kelleher’s responsibilities will change from scouting the Midwest to the Plains/Central Region. He’s in his fourth year with the Lions player personnel department after originally joining the department as the team’s BLESTO scout in 2011.

Alan Anderson has spent the past three years as the team’s pro personnel assistant and will now serve as the Lions regional BLESTO scout.

Mularkey joined the Lions earlier this year as an intern in the pro personnel department. In his new role as pro personnel coordinator, he will assist in several aspects of the team’s college and pro scouting services.

Previously, Mularkey was a strength assistant for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012 and also worked in the Jaguars player personnel department as a scouting assistant.