Lambeau's Legacy: RB Reggie Bush recalls his only game in Green Bay

Posted Oct 2, 2013

The now-veteran's only game at historic Lambeau Field came in just his second week as a pro back in 2006

Reggie BushRB Reggie Bush Week 2 of his rookie year in 2006. (Photo: AP Images)

Reggie Bush had to go way back into his memory bank to remember the last time he played at Lambeau Field. It was the second game of his NFL career with the Saints back in 2006.

"I remember it wasn't good," Bush said with a laugh Wednesday.

In fact, Bush carried the football six times for just five yards.

"I just remember that my head was spinning and I was trying to outrun everyone to the sideline," Bush said. "Just being a rookie. It wasn't a successful day. Hopefully it's a successful day this Sunday."

Seven years and more than 1,000 carries later, Bush is a completely different back than the one that thought he could outrun everyone back 2006.

He's learned patience, setting up runs and running between the tackles, which has been on display in the two and a half games he's played so far this season.

It's those things -- along with that terrific speed -- that's helped him amass 433 total yards, including 254 rushing.

He'll need to continue that kind of production if the Lions are going to win in Wisconsin for the first time since 1991. The Packers rank eighth in the NFL in run defense, allowing fewer than 100 yards per game (93.3) through their first three games.

Detroit's ability to control the game at the line of scrimmage, run the football, and keep the ball away from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Co. will be one of the keys to the game.

In the two games Bush has started and finished this year -- wins over Minnesota and Chicago -- he has 364 total yards including 229 on the ground. That's an average of 114.5 rushing yards per game.

Both of those games were at home on Ford Field's artificial turf. He was injured in the second quarter on the road in Arizona and did not finish that game. He missed the following week's game on the road in Washington.

Bush has a career average of 4.6 yards per rush on artificial turf. That number drops to 4.1 when he plays on grass.

"The biggest difference (between playing on grass and artificial turf) is turf is faster," said Bush, who's game is predicated on speed and cutting.

"I actually enjoy playing on grass just as much. Before I got to the NFL I had played on nothing but grass. I like the grass. I've always felt that a lot of injuries come from playing on turf because it's so hard and doesn't give as much as grass does.

"I look forward to playing on grass, especially in Green Bay. I know they've got nice soft grass up there for us."

We'll see Sunday how Lambeau Field treats Bush.

As for that "unsuccessful" day Bush described having up in Lambeau Field his rookie year with the Saints … he may not have run the ball well, but he did catch six passes for 68 yards.

The Saints won the game, 34-27.

It's probably safe to say that Bush would be okay with that same kind of "unsuccessful" trip this time around.

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