LB Stephen Tulloch eager to test the free agent market

Posted Mar 12, 2012

Free agency opens at 4 p.m. Tuesday, and it sounds like Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch is eager to see what the market values his services at.

An unrestricted free-agent, Tulloch said on a Sirius NFL Radio interview Monday that he enjoyed his one season with the Lions, and would like to come back, but he also wants to test the market.

"I let my agent really handle that kind of stuff, but obviously, the Lions do want me back, and I would love to come back," he said. "But at this point in my career, things have to be right.

"My family and my situation going on, I just want to continue to play football and get what I deserve, and that's what it boils down to. And hopefully, things can work out there. If not, I know another team will step in there and do what's right and move forward to win some ballgames."

Tulloch signed a one-year, $3.25 million deal with the Lions in the shortened free agency period before last season.

Given Tulloch's age and production over the last six years, he's likely to get a huge deal in free agency, possibly similar to the six-year, $42 million deal linebacker Paul Posluszny signed with the Jaguars last offseason.

"I'm 27 years old and I have a lot football left in me and things will work out," Tulloch said. "I'm really in a great situation going into free agency this year and whoever it is that picks me up is going to get a (heck) of a player who is going to help their team in many ways.

"Things will happen the way they should happen ... if it's not Detroit, it will be somewhere else. "

Tulloch said being a part of a team that's putting the pieces together to win is important to him.

But, if the money the Lions offer is similar or close, would he stay?

"I'll definitely look into it, man," he said. "Like I said, the fans there have been great. The city's awesome. It's a football town, and they love their sports. They've been nothing but good to me since I've been there, and I definitely appreciate that.

"Like I said, we'll find out come tomorrow if those plans still are there for me to head back to Detroit, but wherever it is, I'll be looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to continue to play football and the game that I love."