Kellen Moore has noticeably more zip on the ball

Posted Aug 1, 2013

Work in the weight room and learning the offense has helped Moore gain velocity on his passes

Kellen Moore will never challenge Matthew Stafford in a contest to see who can throw the football farther. In fact, Moore said he and fellow backup quarterback Shaun Hill have their own competitions they engage in with each other because Stafford is on a whole different level in terms of arm strength.

Moore is never going to be confused with some of the cannon-armed quarterbacks around the league, but he does look to have a little more zip on the ball this year. He has improved his arm strength through the weight training program and says his comfort level within the offense plays a part in that as well.

"I certainly think the weight room and those things, I've gotten stronger that way," Moore said. "But, I think more importantly, it's just knowing where you're going and having confidence in what you're doing. When you're doing that your body is in position to make those throws. You can throw better and you finish those throws. Everything just comes out more confidently and smoothly."

Moore, who signed with the Lions as an undrafted rookie last year, is the winningest quarterback in college football history, in part, because of his accuracy, anticipation and knowledge of the offense.

All of that has been on display early on in training camp and Moore has done a good job making plays with the third-team offense.

"It's been a big jump for a lot of players from their first year to second year, but you're seeing the same things that we see," head coach Jim Schwartz said when asked about Moore's progression.

"Good command over the offense. Good command and rapport with the other skill positions on offense. He has good command of what we're doing on defense and what he's presented with. He's made very accurate passes. We liked that about him last year and we're seeing the things that have made him such an accomplished college football player."

It's yet-to-be-determined if the Lions will keep three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster like they did last year, but Moore is certainly making a case for it.

"I'm just a lot more comfortable," he said. "You can obviously anticipate things a lot better and you know what to expect. You kind of just understand the process better. Just more reps and more experience and when you're comfortable with things, you tend to play a little faster."