Joique Bell trades football jersey for tight leather pants on Broadway

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Joique Bell played the role of "The Bourbon Room Bartender" in Broadway's "Rock of Ages" Wednesday night

Joique Bell traded his Lions jersey for a studded leather on leather combo Wednesday night for his Broadway debut.

Joique BellRB Joique Bell in his Broadway debut

It was a look that was, well, special enough, so Bell joked afterward he threw them in the fireplace right after the show.

No doubt, his teammates back in Detroit will get a kick out of the look.

His outfit wasn’t nearly as special, however, as the experience of performing on Broadway in New York during Super Bowl week was for Bell.

"I really enjoyed myself," he said after the performance. "It was fun. I wouldn’t mind doing this again. It was a great experience.

"I always grew up hearing about Broadway plays but I was never able to be a part of it. I wanted to come see what it was all about and I really enjoyed it."

The Detroit Lions running back has never taken a drama class or been a part of a school play, but that didn’t stop him from jumping at the chance to join the cast of Broadway’s "Rock of Ages."

The opportunity came about when Bell’s agency (A3 Athletics) called him an asked him if he wanted to do it. "Rock of Ages" is featuring an NFL guest in three shows this week. Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb performed Tuesday and former NFL running back Ahman Green will appear Saturday.

"They told me I was better than Randall Cobb hands down," Bell said with a smile.

Bell had a few cameo appearances in the two-hour production that will celebrate its five-year anniversary in April. He played the part of "The Bourbon Room Bartender." In that role Bell was a rabid rock fan front and center for one of the performances that features 1980's rock and roll music.

He had an off-the-stage line when one of the actors threw something off to the side. Joique shouted "Ow, my big toe," to which the actor said, "Sorry Joique Bell of the Detroit Lions."

Bell also improvised a dance sequence where he went from one side of the stage to the other. The improv was him twirling around a pole before exiting stage left.

"What a rock star is he, right?" said Kate Rockwell, one of the stars of the show, of Bell. "He comes right out so comfortable. He’s hanging around the pole. You can’t scare him."

Bell said the experience of performing on Broadway is quite different than playing in front of 70,000 fans on Sunday because there are no helmets on Broadway.

"You make a mistake here and they’ll recognize you," Bell said.

In true Bell style, he couldn’t leave Broadway without giving them a little Detroit flare. At the very end of the show, he joined all the actors on stage and did his "Hip Hop Hooray" touchdown dance and then slapped hands with the fans in the front row. Bell made that his touchdown dance this season and fans saw plenty of it as he scored eight times.

"We came in and they said I had to come out here and do a dance and they said to do something I’m comfortable with," he said. "I said, 'you know what, let’s do my touchdown dance.'"

Wednesday’s night’s performance is just a start for a busy week for Bell. This morning he rang the opening bell on the stock exchange and will hit up the Madden Bowl Party and the ESPN Party and some of the other fun activities Super Bowl Week can provide.

"I soak it all in and understand it’s a blessing," Bell said. "Not take it for granted but take advantage of it."