Johnson hoping for a big game Sunday vs. Titans

Posted Sep 20, 2012

It’s not often that Lions receiver Calvin Johnson sees single-high safety coverage anymore. So when the game film of the Titans came on the screen this week and he saw a lot of man-coverage and single-safety sets, Johnson perked up in his seat a bit.

“I don’t see that a whole lot,” he said. “Need to take advantage of it when I do, though.

“If they play the coverages that we've been seeing so far on film, we can have a big game. Everybody can have a big game. I feel that we might see more of what we've been seeing. We'll always be ready for man, (and) react to zone.”

What Johnson sees on tape and what he’ll see Sunday are likely to be two very different things. Both the Rams and 49ers held Johnson mostly in check – by that meaning out of the end zone – in the first two weeks of the season by playing a two-high safety shell scheme.

It’s likely the Titans might have a similar strategy on Sunday.

“Well, we’ll see,” said Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. “They’ve been at it now for two years or a year and a half running. It’s really basically man-under defense and you’re going to have to win at other matchups other than just Calvin.”

No matter what coverage he faces Sunday, Johnson says it’s about time for a breakout game, though, and says he’d like a few more opportunities down the field no matter what the coverage is.

“I'm going to battle and if I don't come down with it, they're not going to come down with it,” Johnson said. “At the same time, Matt has to take his reads and deliver the ball to the right place based on where the coverage dictates. If we get in a situation where we have to put it up, so be it.

“We feel that there are some things we can get done with this defense we're going against. We're hoping they play what we've been seeing on film.

"That would be fantastic for us if we can move the ball up and down the field. We'll see if they go with some of the past game plans from teams we have played. It's a copycat league. We'll see what happens on Sun