Jim Caldwell wants an "innovative" offensive coordinator

Posted Jan 18, 2014

Caldwell said innovation will be key to the Lions' new-look offense playing in the NFC North

New Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell is looking for the Lions offense to be innovative in 2014, therefore that will be the one trait he will look for in an offensive coordinator.

"I think that innovation is key," Caldwell said Friday during an interview with Matt Shepard on 1130 AM. "One of the things about this league, and particularly in the division, when you play teams multiple times that you have to have a bit of variety. You have to make certain you can keep them off balance. That's going to be key.

"But also you have a real firm grip on what the core principles are just in terms of offensive football and how you win games."

The Lions announced the hiring of defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and linebackers coach Bill Sheridan, as well as the retention of eight assistant coaches from Jim Schwartz’s staff, on Friday.

Caldwell told Shepard more announcements could be coming over the weekend. Perhaps an offensive coordinator will be among them.

The Lions are still sorting through a number of different offensive coordinator candidates, reportedly including Kansas City Chiefs assistant head coach David Culley and Indianapolis Colts assistant Clyde Christensen.