Glover Quin and James Ihedigbo building chemistry at safety

Posted Jun 6, 2014

No one was happier than Glover Quin when the Detroit Lions signed veteran safety James “Dig” Ihedigbo this offseason.

Glover Quin and his safety partner last year, Louis Delmas, were never quite able to build the kind of chemistry Quin had hoped because Delmas rarely practiced.

Football is a team game. We talk all the time about the chemistry amongst a good offensive line. The same goes for a good secondary.

That’s why no one was happier than Quin when the Detroit Lions signed veteran safety James “Dig” Ihedigbo this offseason.

“Once Digs (Ihedigbo) signed here we started running,” Quin said. “We work out at the same place in Houston so once he signed here we just kind of hit stride, started working out together and started building our relationship right there.”

James IhedigboS James Ihedigbo (Photo: Detroit Lions)

Quin has been a limited participant this spring after undergoing ankle surgery this offseason, but he says that hasn’t limited him and Ihedigbo from forming good chemistry thus far. Quin is expected to be 100 percent by training camp.

“On the field, it’s been fun,” Quin said. “I haven’t had actually got a chance to really, really practice with him, but I get to go do individual with him and spend all the meetings (with him) and have fun on the field with him, I just don’t get to go out and compete with him. I’m pretty sure once we get to that point it’ll get even funner.”

Quin was hoping rest would be the proper cure for his ankle following the season, but when the pain wasn’t subsiding as quickly as he had hoped, Quin and the team opted for surgery.

Despite dealing with that ankle injury all last year, Quin started all 16 games. He had a career-high three interceptions and added two sacks and 57 tackles, but said the injury limited him from being the player he can truly be.

“I’m not a guy that looks for excuses or looks for any kind of sympathy, so I didn’t really want it to be known how bad it was or what I had or anything like that,” Quin said. “If I could play, I could play, and if I couldn’t play I wasn’t going to play.

“I went out there, if I ever felt like I was going to put my team in jeopardy then I wouldn’t have played. But playing safety, being a little further back, you can kind of control your movements to an extent and so I was able to mask it a little bit.

“Obviously, I didn’t feel like I was able to do all the things I like to do on the field. I wasn’t able to make all the plays that I could have made on the field. But I tried to give what I could give and hopefully this year I won’t have to deal with that and I’ll get to fly around and have fun.”

He’ll certainly have more opportunities to do that this season with a switch from strong safety to free safety and playing in a more aggressive scheme under defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.