GM Martin Mayhew in favor of pushing back trade deadline

Posted Apr 3, 2012

Normally, there isn’t much action around the trade deadline in the NFL, but Lions general manager Martin Mayhew is hopeful that could change if the league decides to push back the trade deadline two weeks.

The proposed bylaw change is in further discussions by the NFL and NFL Players Association and will likely go up for a vote in the next league meetings in May.

Mayhew is a fan of moving the deadline from Week 6 to Week 8.

“I was in favor of moving that back,” he said at last week’s league meetings in Florida. “I just think that things happen during the season and you want an opportunity to upgrade yourself by grabbing a player that’s in the league and playing, and that’s a lot better than going out in the street and trying to find a player who’s a street free agent and maybe wasn’t in camp or maybe was cut early in camp.

“If you lose a guy at a key position, it would be great to go out and acquire a quarterback or somebody later in the season, or a cornerback or whatever it is.”

Mayhew has performed two deadline trades since taking over for Matt Millen in 2008. He sent receiver Roy Williams to the Cowboys for a first-, third- and sixth-round pick in 2008, giving the Cowboys a seventh rounder to accompany Williams.

He attempted to trade running back Jerome Harrison to the Eagles for Ronnie Brown last year, but the deal was voided after Harrison failed his physical.

“I’m on the advisor committee with a bunch of other GM’s and a lot of them were in favor of (moving the deadline) too,” Mayhew said. “I think having that option, everyone is in favor of that.”

In addition to the trade deadline proposal, the league tabled a couple other bylaw proposals that are also expected to be voted on in May.

They include:

  • Adding an injured-reserve exemption so that if a player is on the roster through the first regular season weekend, that player can be placed on injured-reserve and designated for return. The player could return to practice six weeks later and play in a game eight weeks later, rather than having all players on injured-reserve out for the season.
  • Allowing one roster exemption per team per week for a player who is inactive with a concussion.
  • Expanding the roster for training camp and the offseason to 90 players, with unsigned draft picks counting toward the 90 players. In the past, unsigned draft picks did not count toward the 80-player limit.