Freese on Hanson: 'It’s awesome having him around'

Posted Sep 19, 2014

Former Lions kicker Jason Hanson, who attended practice Friday, can certainly relate to what rookie Nate Freese might be going through.

Jason Hanson has been known to show up at Detroit Lions practice occasionally to give out a few pointers to current Lions kickers.

kickersJason Hanson talks with Nate Freese during a training camp practice. (Photo: Detroit Lions)

He made one of those appearances on Friday, and was able to give rookie place kicker Nate Freese a few tips. Freese, who’s struggled to start the season, said he welcomed the advice.

“I mean he can give you pointers here and there and help instill confidence in you,” Freese said after practice.

Getting a confidence boost from one the best kickers to ever play the game is never a bad thing, especially since Freese has missed three of his first five kicks in the NFL.

Freese said he and Hanson didn’t work on any one particular thing on Friday, just some technique things and general pointers.

“He’s knowledgeable about the game,” Freese said. “It’s awesome having him around.”

Hanson can certainly relate to what Freese might be going through. He started his career missing three of his first six field goal attempts after the Lions selected him in the second round in 1992. He went on to make 492 more field goals in his 21-year career and his name is on the Lions’ Ring of Honor.

The Lions are hoping Freese’s career follows the same path.