Extra point is safe for now; other rule changes

Posted Mar 26, 2014

The NFL will test out moving the ball back to the 20-yard line on extra points during the first two weeks of the preseason

ORLANDO -- The extra point is safe for now, but it’s not a sure thing moving forward.

The NFL has tabled the idea of longer extra points for the regular season, but will experiment with placing the snap on the 20-yard line the first two weeks of the preseason.

 “The fact that they’re going to study the extra point and look at different options, there’s some good ideas that were brought up,” Lions president Tom Lewand said after the vote that concluded the NFL Annual Meetings.

“The fundamental notion that it can be a more competitive play, that could add to the excitement in one way, shape or fashion, and what the best solution for that is, is still open for development. I think there was a clear sentiment in the room to do something.”

The NFL is making the following changes to the rules:

  • Goal posts will be extended five feet.
  • Recovery of a loose ball in the field of play is now a reviewable call.
  • The game clock will now continue after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes.
  • "Roll up blocks," where a blocker hits the side of the knee, are banned.
  • Officials will now be able to speak wirelessly with each other, and with the central replay office in New York.
  • No more dunking the ball over the goal post

Some other proposed rule changes were shot down, including:

  • Multiple proposals to expand plays that can be reviewed, including personal fouls.
  • The proposal to move the kickoff to the 40-yard line.
  • The proposal to allow an unlimited number of players on injured reserve to return to the active roster.

The league will have further discussions on a few other items:

  • Getting rid of overtime in the preseason.
  • Expanding the practice squad roster from eight to ten and expanding rosters for Thursday games from 46-49.
  • The ability of home teams to open the roof at halftime.
  • The possibility of adding cameras to all goal lines, sidelines and end lines.

Lewand said the NFL also plans to talk about that possibility of adding the cameras with its broadcast partners.