Darius Slay: 'My confidence has skyrocketed'

Posted Jul 28, 2014

The Lions have put a lot of faith in Darius Slay and so far this offseason he hasn’t let them down.

It’s no secret the success of second-year cornerback Darius Slay is going to have a big impact on the overall success of the Detroit Lions' defense in 2014.

Darius SlayCB Darius Slay (Photo: Detroit Lions)

The team has put a lot of faith in Slay and so far this offseason he hasn’t let them down. That continued during Monday’s first training camp practice. Slay was all over the field in individual drills vs. the receivers and in team drills.

“In terms of the first day he’s done well, I mean he did well in the spring,” head coach Jim Caldwell said. “As you can see he came out and made some plays today, broken the ball nicely, his awareness is certainly improving.

“He’s a big part of what we need to do with that position, he has to come along. He has talent. We’ve got a lot of young guys out there, it’s going to be a nice competition.”

Slay has really taken to Teryl Austin’s scheme and says his comfort level and confidence heading into his second training camp is sky high.

“My first day was pretty good,” he said. “I’ve been very consistent making plays and staying off the ground and contesting every ball in the air. I had a good day today but tomorrow will be better.”

Slay knows there’s pressure on him to expedite the learning process and be the man on the left side, but he’s not allowing himself to feel the pressure or be influenced by it.

“This is the game I love,” he said. “I love to have fun out there. I don’t see it as pressure as much as a challenge for me to go out there and win.”

Winning, and being improved on defense this year, will be predicated on how well Slay progresses through training camp and heads to the regular season.

“My confidence has skyrocketed,” he said. “I’m just going out there to compete and win and making sure the guy in front of me doesn’t beat me.”