Coaches, teammates marveling at new safety Glover Quin

Posted Jun 12, 2013

Cornerback Chris Houston says he feels he's been playing with Quin for years -- not months -- the way Quin has picked everything up so quickly

Building chemistry between players is something that usually takes time, repetition and a lot of sweat.

New safety Glover Quin is trying to learn a new system, new terminology and new responsibilities with the Detroit Lions after playing the last couple years in a 3-4 defense in Houston.

Glover QuinS Glover Quin with Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham (Photo: T. Altman/

On top of all that, the fifth-year player is trying to learn the tendencies of new teammates and how they like to play certain routes.

It's a lot to digest in a short amount of time, but cornerback Chris Houston says he feels like he's been playing with Quin for years -- not months -- the way Quin has picked everything up so quickly.

"He knows what he's doing," Houston said. "He makes calls. He knows the game. If you see something you want to do as a corner, you alert him, and he knows his position and it makes it easier.

"Knowing what you can do with him in there is very beneficial. It's more mental. He knows the game in and out. He knows routes we can play. Routes he can play. Routes I can cheat on. Routes I can't cheat on."

Usually, it takes time for a safety and cornerback to build that kind of chemistry. Houston has it with Louis Delmas, but they've been teammates going on four seasons now.

"He learned our system that quick and he hasn't even been here that long," Houston said.

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham didn't seem too surprised at Quin's development when he talked to the media Wednesday.

"I don't know about the defense, but he's doing a lot for me," Cunningham said. "He is something.

"We had a meeting the other day and I turned to (Vice President of Pro Personnel) Sheldon White and I said, ‘Quin.' He goes, ‘Professional.' I said, ‘That's the best description I've ever heard.' That's him. All about business every day."

Quin is one of the biggest pieces missing from last year's defense. He is a playmaking cover safety, who is durable and knows the game. Also known as a defensive coordinator's best friend.

"It's all business and he's doing a great job in the deep middle of the field," Cunningham said. "He didn't have a good background in that. Whatever the issues are, he works at them. He's really improved that."

Quin says he's feeling more and more comfortable with the switch in schemes and sees a lot of potential in this revamped Lions defense.

"Everything is starting to become second nature, as opposed to seeing and thinking," Quin said. "Now you're seeing and reacting. It's getting a lot better.

"I've personally witnessed a defense go from 31st to 1st, and (the Lions) weren't even 31st last year. I definitely feel like we have what it takes to be a top defense in this league."

Quin is likely to play a big part if that's truly going to be the be the case.