Calvin Johnson studying up on rookie Corey Fuller

Posted May 20, 2013

Johnson said he might watch some of Fuller's rookie mini-camp film from last weekend to get a better feel of what he's working with heading into organized team activities

Calvin Johnson likes to know whom he's playing with. So much so, the All-Pro receiver isn't adverse to throwing in a little practice film and watching new teammates.

When it comes to rookie receiver Corey Fuller, Johnson said he might just check out the rookie's mini-camp film from last weekend.

Corey FullerWR Corey Fuller

"I'm going to have to sit down and watch his rookie mini-camp," Johnson told when asked if Fuller was the missing piece to the receiving corps. "I could, just to get an idea of what he's working with – to just see what he might need work on and how we can help him out.

"I know it's not a big tell, because I remember (my rookie mini-camp)."

The Lions drafted Fuller with the expectation that he could stretch the field opposite Johnson and open up more opportunities for him, Reggie Bush, Brandon Pettigrew and some of the other Lions' weapons.

"Really, I think that we'll see how fast he learns with the new OTAs," Johnson said. "I figure they'll throw him in the fire pretty soon. So we'll see how he picks it up, how he handles the pressure and go from there."

Asked if he always watches tape of the new guys, Johnson said it depended on the player.

"When Broyles came in, I didn't sit down and watch his rookie mini-camp, but throughout camp and OTAs and stuff, when we were watching film, he's in my ear, I'm in his ear."

With Broyles and Nate Burleson both coming back from injuries, the quicker Fuller can pick up the offense and make a contribution, the better.

Johnson also touched on a few other subjects:

On his health: "It's good getting back strong again. If guys have anything lingering or anything like that, this is the time where you get it strong, you just get it back as healthy as you can before we really start up for real."

On his impression of Reggie Bush and if he can see the difference it will make: "I know it's going to make a difference. We've done some field things that I haven't been on the field the total time that we've been here, but when we start OTAs that's coming up, we'll really get insight on what we have. I already know we've got something good. I'm watching Reggie – I've been keeping up with Reggie – so I'm excited about having him."

On if there is a different mentality this offseason and if they have something to prove: "I think guys are more comfortable. That plays a lot into guys doing what they've got to do on the field – their comfort level. That's a good sign."

On if it's exciting to have new faces: "It's always cool to have new faces because you get to see what guys are working with that you haven't seen before on the field. You have something to look forward to when you get out there. So I think that's the main part about it, getting to see everybody – the people that you don't know how they work on the field."

On how optimistic he is about the new pieces and if there is a genuine excitement about this season: "There is. The games that we lost last year, everything was close. We just needed somebody here, somebody there, somebody making one more play and we're there. We've got some pieces. I think we have what we need to do what we have to do on offense, definitely."