Bill Ford: "I expect (Jim Caldwell) to hit the ground running"

Posted Jan 15, 2014

Detroit Lions vice Chairman Bill Ford thinks the Lions roster is set up for Jim Caldwell to hit the ground running

Bill Ford(L-R) Elizabeth Kontulis, Sheila Hamp, Mrs. Martha Ford and Bill Ford. Mr. Ford (recovering from illness) and Muff Morse were unable to attend. (Photo: G. Smith/Detroit Lions)

Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford addressed Wednesday night his disappoint -- and the disappointment of his family -- in how the Lions ended the 2013 season.

The team losing seven of their last eight games is why Bill Ford and his family were at Ford Field to help introduce new head coach Jim Caldwell.

"I think he's very calm and very measured, but has a real fire burning inside of him," Bill Ford said of Caldwell. "You also heard him today talk about penalties, turnovers, discipline. I think that's all things this team could use and Jim will bring."

Caldwell's coaching philosophy is based on fundamentals, discipline and attention to the detail. Those are some of the little things that have been lost on this team the last couple years.

"The second half collapse, particularly in the fourth quarter in so many games was incredibly disappointing," Bill Ford said. "That was something that obviously we couldn't live with."

"We're frustrated. We feel like we have a good roster. We heard that from Jim (Caldwell), too. He feels like we have a good roster. So I expect him to hit the ground running."

Bill Ford said the image that has been written about Caldwell is very different than the individual that he's grown to know.

"What you just saw today was very impressive," Bill Ford said of Caldwell's press conference. "I think Jim Caldwell -- and I hope you go a sense of that today -- is very different than perhaps some of the perceptions that have been tossed about out there.

"He's very intense, which surprised me. Perhaps it shouldn't have because I've been around football my whole life and most football coaches are intense. I think how thorough he was and how thorough his answers were.

"Jim doesn't speak just to say something. He thinks and processes it before he speaks and when he speaks its usually imparting very good information. I was very impressed by him.”