Barry Sanders regrets never having played in a Super Bowl

Posted Feb 2, 2013

Though Barry Sanders never played in the Super Bowl, he believes this core group of Detroit Lions players can get the franchise there for the first time

Barry SandersNew Orleans - Barry Sanders has been making appearances around New Orleans this week leading up to the Super Bowl. The former Detroit Lions great has been a part of a lot of Super Bowl festivities since retiring in 1999.

But still one of his biggest regrets he has is that he never got to experience this week as a player.

"It's certainly something I realize that I missed out on," Sanders told on the red carpet at the NFL Honors awards show Saturday night.

"A lot of things have to go right in order for you to play in the Super Bowl and even though we all like to think we have a chance to get there it's usually the best teams that get here."

The closest Sanders ever got to the Super Bowl was the NFC Championship game in 1991, a game the Lions lost to eventual Super Bowl champion Washington, 41-10.

"I guess I've tried to make peace with it because as a young player I just assumed I'd play in several Super Bowls," he said. "The harsh reality is a lot of great players play this game, and though everyone has a chance to get there, it just doesn't happen for everyone.

Sanders, who accumulated 15,269 yards over a 10-year playing career, is considered one of the greatest NFL players to never participate in a Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is considered one of the best players in the NFL today, but Sanders thinks he'll get his shot at the Super Bowl someday.

"I think we have some terrifically talented young players and even some guys that you and I can probably list that can start for both of these teams playing Sunday," Sanders said.

"I do think the Lions, as far as their core, depending on what you put around them, could end up here."