Ansah, defensive line donates 94K bottles of water in Flint

Posted Jan 22, 2016

Ziggy Ansah and his defensive linemates donated 94,000 bottles of water in Flint Friday afternoon.

Ziggy Ansah knows what it’s like to not have clean water.

Growing up in Ghana, Ansah couldn’t just turn on a tap for access to clean drinking water.

So when he heard about the plight the residents of Flint were having with lead-tainted water, he knew he had to step up and do something to help.

What started as a group chat among the Detroit Lions defensive line a few days ago, turned into that unit, led by Ansah with the help of SpartanNash, donating 94,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Flint Friday afternoon. The actual number will reach far more than 94,000 after further donations filled up a third semi-truck.

“I come from Africa and I know exactly what it means not to have clean water or not to have water at all,” Ansah said.

“So, for me to be in a position where me and my boys (fellow defensive lineman) to be able to help out these fans out here is a great honor to us. This is the state of Michigan. These are our fans.”

The donation by Ansah and Co. will fill up three semi-trucks worth of water. Each semi-truck holds 1,680 cases, or 40,320 bottles of water. Ansah and his defensive linemates picked up the entire tab.

Ansah and teammates Haloti Ngata, Jason Jones, Gabe Wright, Darryl Tapp, Joique Bell and even defensive lineman Angelo Blackson from the Tennessee Titans were on hand Friday to unload one of the semi-trucks and bring it over to a local community center, where the water bottles will be distributed to the citizens of Flint.

“For me and my wife, it’s more about the kids,” Ngata said. “We think of our kids and are like, ‘Whoa, what would we do if our kids were in that situation?’”

Kudos to Ansah and his teammates for using their status to help bring awareness to the water issues in Flint. Their donation will help thousands in need.