Kyle Van Noy Blog: I need to work on my consistency

Posted Aug 18, 2014

Rookie linebacker Kyle Van Noy blogs about his first NFL road trip, improving his game and Ziggy Ansah’s return to the practice field.

Traveling with an NFL team is a long process, a lot longer than I’m used to and that’s OK. It ran smoothly for how many people came out there. It was a cool experience. I had a bunch of family come out because it was close to home so I was happy to see them.

The last time I played on a dirt field was little league but I think it went really well. We made a couple mistakes at the end. We had too many penalties, unfortunately, and that was the factor in the game.  You never want to beat yourself in a game, so that was unfortunate.

Kyle Van Noy and Ziggy AnsahLB Kyle Van Noy and DE Ziggy Ansah (Photo: Detroit Lions)

To fix the penalties, we need to emphasize it more and take more ownership as players. The coaches do a great job of always warning us and letting us know if we do something that they will call so we can adjust. We are all learning, so it’s coming along. That’s why it’s preseason.

Personally, I don’t think there is one thing in particular I’m doing well. There are glimpses of it, but I need to work on my consistency. There will be a play where I’m doing something really good and then there will be a play where it’s like, ‘uh-oh, what is he doing?’ So I just need to work on the consistency of doing it right every play.

Having Ziggy back on the practice field is huge for our defense. He’s a big factor. He’s going to have a great year. He looks awesome, he’s in shape and he is going to bring another big, fast body on the field.

We are looking for him to make a big splash this year. He’s been in the league for a year and having a year under your belt is huge. He’s going to take that and raise the bar for his career.

It’s nice for me to have him out there too because if something is going wrong I can always go to him, count on him to talk to. I think he benefits from me because it gives him more confidence having someone familiar that he’s played with for almost four years. We’re just building more and more confidence with each other. That’s the key.