Kyle Van Noy Blog: I’m just ready to have fun, let loose and play Saturday

Posted Aug 7, 2014

Rookie linebacker Kyle Van Noy blogs about the upcoming preseason game vs. the Browns.

NFL debut Saturday — It’s a dream come true. You dream about it your whole life. I’m looking forward to this season. We’re becoming a tight group and it’s awesome to see.
Kyle Van NoyLB Kyle Van Noy (Photo: Detroit Lions)

I’ve been sharing reps with the ones, but I’m working with everyone trying to get as many reps as I can, because the more reps, the better I get, in my opinion. I don’t want to be unprepared.

I feel like I bring a difference-maker attitude to the game. I’ve said it since day one — I’m an offensive player on defense. I try to get the ball in the offense’s hands to score touchdowns. That’s the whole goal of the game.

Ultimately, I think I’m more of a safe player. I try to do my assignment. I don’t take many chances, but when I do I usually capitalize because it’s precise, it’s the right time and it’s through game study. I know exactly what’s coming because I’m a smart player.

So those are the things I think make me a difference-maker. I think we have a lot of those on our team this year — not just a couple guys, but all 11 on defense.

For me, I’m more laid-back about the upcoming game. I just feel like this is my comfort zone. I’m ready. I’m prepared. I’m just ready to have fun, let loose and play. Practice is practice, but we actually get to play now so I’m excited about that.

I know everybody's excited about Johnny Manziel's debut, but he’s just another person to me. I think there will be more media than usual, but that’s about it.