KYLE VAN NOY BLOG: Caldwell is everything I would want in a head coach

Posted Aug 1, 2014

Rookie linebacker Kyle Van Noy talks about his first few days of training camp.

Training camp is going really well. Coach Caldwell man, he's something special. I'm so grateful he's with the Lions organization. He's changing the culture. He's everything I would want in a head coach. I play really hard for him and I think the other guys do as well.

Kyle Van NoyLB Kyle Van Noy (Photo: Detroit Lions)

We're buying into what he has to say. We all respect him - not just what he's done with the team, but just who he is as a person.

At first I was a little frustrated Monday when I injured my thumb because I thought it could have been a lot worse. But I'm back out there running around. It's not hindering me at all. I'll be fine.

You're bound to get hurt in football. It just comes with the job. You just have to stay positive no matter what. I'm not really worried about it because I would have tried to jump back in regardless of what the case was. That's just how I am.

Practicing at Wayne State Wednesday night was a cool experience, having little kids look up to you and want your autograph after practice.

We were in a different spot too and we have to adapt to that. We took that as a challenge and I think we responded and had a great practice.

And it was the first day in pads so there was a bunch of new stuff thrown in. I think we did really well. Practicing in the shells again is like riding a bicycle when you get back on and it's a little wobbly for a second. You just have to get used to it again.