James Ihedigbo Blog: I can’t wait

Posted Oct 3, 2014

Safety James Ihedigbo blogs about playing his first regular-season game at Ford Field and preparing for Kyle Orton’s Bills.

It is exciting to be back, playing at home and experiencing the home crowd. Playing preseason games, you get a little feel for it, but playing my first regular season home game in that atmosphere … I can’t wait.

James IhedigboS James Ihedigbo (Photo: Detroit Lions)

It’s so much better being back on the field. I get to experience things, whether it is plays that we go through (good or bad), being able to break it down and say, ‘OK this is what we did right, this is what we did wrong and this is what we need to fix.’ Being able to have that interaction of being on the field and seeing the same things that guys see is important. And being out there making plays with each other, being able to shoulder-bump, high five and celebrate together — that’s what it’s all about.

I’m a firm believer in just making the plays that you’re supposed to make. So in this defense, coach Austin does a great job of putting guys in positions to make plays, while playing within the scheme. So I just go out there and try to make the plays that I’m supposed to and remember the things that I’ve seen on film and seize the opportunity when I have the chance.

It’s a little different preparing this week with the QB change to Kyle Orton. You don’t know what his tendencies are, who his go-to receiver is and who he feels most comfortable throwing the ball to. But then again, we look at it defensively as if we do our job, we will be alright. If we execute and play Lions defense, Lions-style football, we will be just fine and it doesn’t matter what quarterback they have out there.

This Bills offense has a lot of speed at the wide receiver and running back positions. They have the capability of getting the big plays. Our number one job on defense is to continue eliminating the big plays and get after them. They have a young Sammy Watkins, but he is still a phenomenal, dynamic player and you have to respect that. They are definitely very talented so we have our work cut out for us. But we are excited for the task.