Herman Moore Blog: Thoughts on a tough Lions loss at home

Posted Oct 21, 2013

Former Lions WR Herman Moore offers his take on yesterday's 27-24 loss to the Bengals and what they need to do moving forward.

Fans are frustrated after yesterday's loss and that is understandable. The Lions had the game within their grasp, but ultimately let it go.

It hurts.

The loss also shows just how important that win at Cleveland really was. This team could be sitting at 3-4 versus 4-3. Instead, I still think they're in very good position.

Yesterday was definitely not a picture-perfect game, but I think there is a lot these guys can -- and will -- learn from it.

On the defensive side, the performance was an illustration of how hand-in-hand the different parts of the defense work together. Pressure is the name of the game for Detroit - it all starts up front.

Offensively, I thought the Lions did a good job of switching out their formations. They had Joique Bell in the backfield, they flexed Reggie Bush out -- it just gave a nice, different look for teams to have to contend with.

It was great to see Calvin Johnson back in the lineup, showing just how important his presence is in terms of big-play capability of this team. If other players can continue to develop and contribute, I think the Lions will be in great position.

Hopefully these guys can go out and get a win on Sunday and take that confidence into the second half of the season.