Herman Moore Blog: The Lions are more than capable of getting a win on Sunday

Posted Oct 4, 2013

Former Lions WR Herman Moore digs into Green Bay's 21-game win streak over Detroit at Lambeau Field

To lose 21 straight at one venue is pretty remarkable and I can understand the microscope placed on these games by fans and the media.

But the reason the Lions have failed to win since I was a rookie back in 1991 has more to do with consistent play than anything.

While the Lions -- current and past -- have always been competitive there, the problem has been shooting themselves (ourselves) in the foot.

As historic of a place as it is, the 'wow' factor of playing at Lambeau Field has greatly worn off.

What really makes the difference is the Packers feeding off the emotion of their home crowd. They play to defend their home turf until the end and rarely struggle to find rhythm and confidence there.

Green Bay may miss tackles, commit penalties and even turn the ball over, but they will play all four quarters. That is what the Lions have failed to do the last 21 games.

Talent-wise, Detroit is more than capable of getting a win this Sunday. Whether that proves to be the result will come down to protecting the football and playing consistently from start to finish.