Herman Moore Blog: Sunday's loss is another squandered opportunity

Posted Dec 9, 2013

Former Lions WR Herman Moore discusses Sunday's 34-20 loss at Philadelphia and how it is another missed opportunity

In watching yesterday's game, it reminded me of yet another opportunity that was squandered by the Lions and by this team.

There are only so many times that you are given that opportunity to control your fate and your destiny. While they are still in first place, teams have a tendency to be able to catch up to you pretty quickly.

Watching the game, I felt that -- while both teams struggled offensively and defensively -- it came down to big plays that were going back to the basics. It's just a matter of taking it one play at a time and making plays.

Unfortunately, the Lions gave up too many big plays in the running game and there were too many miscues offensively that didn't allow them to advance the football or keep the chains moving. That is always a recipe for disaster.

Teams that win late in the season expect to win. They expect to be competing at the end of the year, not struggling to get into the playoffs. Those teams are prepared and ready anytime they face adverse conditions or situations. They have a plan on how to overcome that, so it's second nature and it kicks in.

When it comes to those teams, adverse situations do not require a ton of adjustments as much as it's a refocus of understanding what needs to be done.