Herman Moore Blog: Remembering the Metrodome

Posted Dec 29, 2013

In his weekly blog, Herman Moore reflects on playing at the Metrodome prior to its final gameday

Herman MooreAP Images

When I played, the Metrodome was always an exciting place to play because the fans have always been passionate like our Lions fans.

I think we have the greatest fans on earth here in Detroit, but when you go to other places, they will all say the same thing. They were loud and they always came out in their costumes.

I vividly remember catching the game-winning touchdown in 1997 with two seconds to go that helped us get into the playoffs that year. It was exciting. It’s one of the fondest memories I have. I also believe I caught one of the longest catches I had in my career - I think it was 96 yards - in the Metrodome. It was a busted play and I ended up catching it and going the distance.

One thing I will say about the NFC North: we have so much history in the themed places that we play. The mystique of Lambeau, the toughness and the grit of Chicago and Soldier Field and then having to play in the Metrodome was always tough.

It’s always been a great place to play and I remember most of the games, if not all, had meaning. That’s why this one is tough to watch because the Lions really have nothing to play for.