Herman Moore Blog: Offense will pace Monday's game

Posted Dec 15, 2013

Former Lions wide receiver Herman Moore says the offense needs to come out and attack the Ravens

I don’t think that this team is necessarily fueled by the defensive play as much as the defensive play gives the opportunity to correct mistakes or continue doing well if it's playing well. Right now, I think both the offense and the defense lean on one another in terms of looking for that spark that will help the team move forward.

Whenever the defense is struggling, your offense needs to shine; whenever your offense is struggling, the defense needs to shine. That’s typically the way you draw the balance of the two, but I don’t think the defense has allowed this team to stay in football games that otherwise they would have been blown out when the offense starts to stall.

I think the biggest part will be how this offensive unit plays. If it is an attacking offense and it goes out and it moves the ball at will and it draws fear in the Ravens defense, the Lions will do very well. If they don’t, they will allow the Ravens defense confidence against an offense like the Lions, which is known to put up big plays.

When you make the Lions have to drive the length of the field, you usually wait to see if they will hurt themselves, or have a penalty or a mishap that will stall the drive. I don’t think this is a Lions team that you want to give too many opportunities to, so I will look for the Ravens to play a bend-but-don’t-break defense.

I don’t look for them really to come out and attack the Lions and make themselves vulnerable in the secondary against Calvin Johnson and the rest of the Lions arsenal.