Herman Moore Blog: Lions could have a top-tier defense in 2013

Posted Sep 7, 2013

If the defensive unit can play collectively together, it has the potential to be one of the best -- if not the best -- in the NFL

So much focus is placed on the Lions offense and its star power with Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, but I really believe this defense has the ability to be top-tier.

The key will be playing together as a unit. I say that because we have seen great plays by individual players and individual units, but we’ve also seen that they are susceptible to mistakes and penalties.

Where will this team ultimately settle?

We did see some improvement in performances by young players at Buffalo in the final week of the preseason. We saw Bill Bentley get in position and not have mistakes that we see so commonly with younger players.

We saw Darius Slay not give up on a deep route and ultimately make a play on a long pass against a very fast receiver.

Does this show maturity and development of a secondary that will hold through the regular season?

We know we can count on Chris Houston at the cornerback position. There is veteran leadership and athleticism at safety as well as athletic linebackers.

Then you factor in that the Lions have one of the best – if not the best – defensive lines in the NFL, and the possibilities are endless.

The only thing remaining is that they have to play that way.