Herman Moore Blog: It's still a little early to mention the Lions in the Super Bowl mix

Posted Dec 3, 2013

Former WR Herman Moore addresses whether or not the Lions should be considered in the mix for the Super Bowl

I think it's still a little early to be mentioning the Lions in the Super Bowl mix. You've got to win your division and go from there. Yes, everyone who makes it to the postseason is considered in contention for the Super Bowl, which means the Lions have to start there by finishing the season out strong.

While this team dominated and played very well against a Packers' offensive unit that was missing its most valuable player in Aaron Rodgers, I felt that the Lions came out and played three quarters of some of the best football they've played all season.

The concern, as always, has been the mistakes that were committed early. Against Super Bowl or playoff contenders, that just won't do. That's going to come back to become problematic and will basically end your season very quickly in postseason play.

If the Lions can fix the turnover tendency they've fallen into the past five weeks, that will be the start they need to get into the playoffs. Then we can talk about the possibility of a Super Bowl.