Herman Moore Blog: Competition battles can be among friends

Posted Aug 17, 2013

To an outsider, that may seem awkward or tense, but it's actually one thing I like about position battles

Two games down and two to go in the preseason, but camp and position battles continue.

Players competing for starting spots and roster spots tend to be thought of as foes, but that's not always the case.

Corey Hilliard and Jason Fox are competing for the starting right tackle spot, but they’re also friends.

To an outsider, that may seem awkward or tense, but it’s actually one thing I like about position battles: not only will those players support one another, but the battle will be even more intense because it’s not done with animosity or jealousy or anything like that. It’s done out of pure competition.

Even when I had to battle against guys I like who are receivers, I didn’t want to lose the position. I think it brings out the best in players. It tests them and reveals exactly who is committed to the task long-term and who’s willing to take disappointment and turn it into success.

Ultimately, whoever takes over the position, I think the guys in this group will continue to support one another and the backup players will stay alert.

When you don’t have clear-cut guys taking over a position, coaches at any time might throw someone who may not be a starter in the beginning into the mix. So being ready will be very important for these guys.