Herman Moore Blog: Can the Lions handle the pressure?

Posted Nov 15, 2013

In his weekly blog on detroitlions.com, Herman Moore takes a look at the mentality of the division-leading Lions heading into Pittsburgh.

Last week’s game was easy to get fired up for.

The Bears and Lions aren’t shy regarding their lack of affinity for one another, making the two games they go head-to-head worthy of circling on the season schedule.

This week’s game is a little different. The Pittsburgh Steelers are an AFC team. There isn’t a storied history. There is no division on the line. They are just two teams playing a regular season game.

How the Lions handle this game will say a lot of their maturity. Reggie Bush has said that the Lions don’t have a single “emotional victory” this season. They win because of execution, not adrenaline.

That will be telling this week in how Detroit performs. If they go into Pittsburgh and come away with a victory, it will say a lot of their ability to win when they are supposed to win, especially because the Lions are now the team to beat.

It has been a long time since this franchise has been the one with the target on its back. With Green Bay and Chicago looking up at Detroit, that is suddenly the case.

Can the Lions handle the pressure? We’ll find out this week.