Herman Moore Blog: This could be a statement win for the Detroit Lions

Posted Sep 27, 2013

Knocking off the 3-0 Bears at home could give the Lions a big boost of confidence and make a statement to the league

This is going to be a huge test for this team against a talented Chicago Bears opponent.

Players and coaches don't want to admit that because you never want to assign more importance to one game over another because everyone is talented -- this is the NFL.

But a division match-up against the 3-0 Bears is significant. If the Lions can pull off a win against this team, they will show fans and -- more importantly -- themselves that they have what it takes to match up with any NFL opponent.

It won't be easy against a Bears' defense that leads the league in turnovers, an offense that is much more sound than it has been in years past and Devin Hester's return threat.

I think it will be a close game that comes down to the wire. Whichever team can make the fewest mistakes will win the game.

The Lions have to put their careless mistakes aside for this game if they want to walk away winners.

If they can, they will have taken a key step toward the playoffs.