Glover Quin blog: It's my responsibility to keep those guys ready

Posted Nov 21, 2015

Safety Glover Quin blogs about building momentum, preparing for the Raiders and his role as a mentor.

You can definitely use the momentum after a big win. It’s always good to get a win. You can look back on why you won the game. Then that propels you into why you can win the next game. You look at how we practiced, how we prepared, how we executed, how we tackled, how we did whatever it took to get that win. To get a win like that is a validation to your preparation and execution. OK, everything I did paid off, let’s do it again so we can get another win.
Glover QuinFS Glover Quin (Photo: Gavin Smith / Detroit Lions)

We covered well last game. We got challenged that week on covering, so we covered well. We tackled well and got after Aaron Rodgers a little bit in the rush. And we stopped the run. I’d say every week if you can stop the run and make teams onedimensional, even if it’s Aaron Rodgers, you can be successful. We were able to get the run stopped and that helped us.

The Raiders offense is very athletic. That’s the staple of a Raiders team. They’ve always had fast, athletic guys. They’re young and athletic. They run fast. They’ve got a big running back. The quarterback is playing well, throwing the ball well and not turning the ball over. They’re a top 10 offense for a reason. They put up a lot of points, a lot of yards, so it’s going to be another big challenge for us. That’s the NFL. Every week is a challenge.

With young guys filling in at cornerback, I take it as a chance to mentor and encourage them because that’s who we’re going to battle with. I like to keep them focused for the whole game regardless of good play, bad play. I think sometimes when you have veteran guys out there you maybe don’t have to do it as much. But when you have younger guys, I feel it’s a responsibility of mine to make sure I keep those guys ready. I talk to them about stuff I see, stuff I hear, stuff that will keep their spirits high so they continue to compete and play hard. They all know I’ve got their backs and protect them every way I can.

It’s a humbling game. A lot of times you come off a good game and you feel good about yourself so you may relax a little bit, but you can’t relax. That’s when they come back. Oakland is probably looking at it saying, ‘OK they threw the ball at him so many times, they only caught this many, but our guy is going to catch them. Our guy is going to make that play.’

You’ve got to lock in every week. They talk about me all the time because that’s kind of my favorite saying. I’m always like ‘lock in.’ Because for those three and a half hours I take it serious. I put in a lot of work Monday-Saturday for those three and a half hours. You’d hate to lose a game off a play where you just weren’t focused. We can play around after the game and joke about it after the game, but right now, let’s lock in.