Glover Quin blog: I take pride in playing every game

Posted Dec 1, 2015

Safety Glover Quin blogs about his ankle injury, consecutive-starts streak and fellow safeties.

It was very frustrating not being able to finish the game last week. It’s probably the first time that’s happened to me in like six or seven years. At the beginning of the season I pride myself in doing things to make sure my body can last not just every single game, but every single play of every single game, and every single rep of practice I’m supposed to take.

So for that to happen in the first quarter and to immediately feel that pain and know ‘Man, this hurts really bad.’ It was very frustrating to not go out and play. I tried to draw from the experience I had in 2013 when I hurt my ankle and I was able to finish the game, but this is the first time ever I couldn’t get up. It was mentally frustrating.

Glover QuinGlover Quin (Photo: Detroit Lions)

Winning makes the injuries feel a little better though because if you lose then you always wonder like, ‘Man, could I have helped out? Could I have done something to help us get a win? But when you win, you’re just happy you got a win. The guys stepped up, played well and everything is good. Now it’s time to focus on getting better.

I never really thought about my 95 consecutive starts as an ironman streak or anything. I’ve just always prided myself on playing every single game. Even in high school and college, I always wanted to play every game and every single play. I’ve played through broken hands, broken arms and broken ankles. Obviously, I was a lot younger then too. But I don’t think of it as an ironman thing. I guess I just love to play and I hate when I can’t play because I want to be out there to help the team win.

That’s really what it’s about — winning. If me being out there and not being able to perform up to the level I’m expected, then I’m probably being a detriment to the team. Having somebody that can do those things and do it to the best of their ability is probably going to help us more than me trying to do it just to preserve a streak. I’m going to do whatever I can to help the team either way.

If I can’t go Thursday, I 100% have confidence in Diggz and Isa. Those guys are great guys and great players. They’re in the same locker room and same meetings that I’m in. I share my brain with those guys. I talk to those guys a lot about the things I see, the things I feel and the things I think. So I have the utmost confidence that if I can’t go, we’ll still be in good shape.