Glover Quin blog: I love to play against Drew

Posted Dec 19, 2015

Safety Glover Quin blogs about playing on Monday Night Football, Saints quarterback Drew Brees and more.

All of our National TV games have been interesting games this season. This Monday Night Football game is a chance for us to go out and play in a great environment in New Orleans against a great quarterback. It’s a chance for us to go out there, play well and the national audience can say ‘Hey man, those Detroit guys were OK, they just had a couple bad breaks this year.’
Glover QuinFS Glover Quin (Photo: Gavin Smith / Detroit Lions)

Over the years, the thing you see constantly with Drew Brees is that he’s a super accurate quarterback. Drew Brees is one of my favorite quarterbacks actually. He’s super accurate and super competitive. The thing I always say about Drew Brees is he’s going to go for your neck every time. You have some quarterbacks like Tom Brady — Tom throws it short here and there. He wants to drive methodically down the field and beat you. Drew Brees, he wants to go for your neck every time. He likes to throw the ball down the field. They like to go vertical and throw the ball deep. He’s great at it. They’ve done it there for years and years. You know you’re going to get that so you’ve got to be ready for it.

As the last line of defense, you’ve got to be on notice. You’ve got to know, these games can be potentially big games for you if you take advantage of your opportunities, but it could also be a bad game for you if you don’t make those plays. You have to always be alert and aware that you are the last line of defense and nine times out of 10, if you don’t get him or the ball goes over your head, it’s a touchdown.

It takes a mentally-aware person to play safety. You have to accept that responsibility and that challenge — getting guys down in the open field, not letting deep balls over your head. It’s difficult, but it’s the job. It’s a great challenge, especially on a national stage with a great quarterback like Brees. He’s fun to play against.

I don’t know if he’ll be looking for some revenge on me from last year. I actually saw Drew at the Pro Bowl and he didn’t mention it. I didn’t bring it up. Drew’s a great guy and a great player. I love to play against Drew. It’s all about perspective and how you look at it. He may be looking for a little revenge on me and I see it as an opportunity to make plays.