DUNHAM'S FILM REVIEW: Design, execution led to Bush TD

Posted Sep 23, 2014

The Lions were rewarded for sticking with the run game in their 19-7 victory over the Packers on Sunday. Tim Twentyman breaks down the best run of the game.

The Detroit Lions were rewarded for sticking with the run game in their 19-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

They averaged just 3.0 yards per rush, but still pounded it 38 times for a total of 115 yards. One of the results of that patience was the Lions winning the time of possession battle 38:13 to 21:47.

The best run of the day for the Lions, a 26-yard touchdown by Reggie Bush, is the focus of this week’s Film Review.

The Lions were facing a 3rd and 2 from the Packers 26-yard-line with 10:47 left in the game. The Lions had run Joique Bell for two yards on 1st down and Theo Riddick gained six on second down.

The Lions came out with a shotgun, four-wide look on third down with Bush lined up to Stafford’s right. Tight end Brandon Pettigrew is in the slot right, but motioned to the left side of the formation pre-snap.

At the snap he ran back across the formation to the right side. This was an important part of the play because the Packers were playing man coverage in a nickel defense. Middle linebacker A.J. Hawk was charged with covering Pettigrew on the play.

When Pettigrew went back across the formation to the right, it took Hawk with him and cleared a defender out of the way for Bush running left. Hawk was a step slow recognizing what was going on.

Two things to watch right off the bat: Left tackle Riley Reiff gets a terrific seal block on Letroy Guion on the left edge and receiver Corey Fuller does a good job of driving cornerback Sam Shields down the field and away from the play.

Bush’s speed is on full display as he simply outruns an unblocked Micah Hyde to the edge

Fuller does a terrific job transitioning from fooling Shields into thinking he’s running a deep route to becoming a downfield blocker. Most long runs in this league are a result of good blocking at the point of attack and good blocking downfield in the second and third level by receivers. Fuller does enough to keep Shields out of the play.

“Corey did a great job of running his guy off in man coverage and then squaring him up and blocking him and giving Reggie a lane to the end zone,” quarterback Matthew Stafford said after the game.

Bush makes a nice inside cut at the 5-yard-line to avoid safety Morgan Burnett and has enough muscle and momentum to take him into the end zone after being hit by linebackers Jamari Lattimore and Hawk at the 1-yard line.