"I'm just getting the mental part of the game down"

Posted Sep 25, 2013

Darius Slay talks about the learning process for a rookie corner, the mental aspect of the game and not losing confidence

"I've been good, I'm just learning a lot and that's it, you know. Gun keeps taking to me, he let's me know what's going on and make's sure I know the defense. Basically what it is, I'm still learning, but then again, still being prepared for everything too.

"The mental aspect of the game, that's the biggest thing. The physical element, that's been given to me, so right now I'm just getting the mental part of the game down.

"Chris told me he didn't start until his eighth or ninth game his rookie year, so it was really a great opportunity for me to start my first two, not everyone is blessed to be able to do that. I still got a great opportunity.

"The transition from college to the pros, for a rookie, is difficult, big time. The level's are way above what you can even think of. There are so many technique's you got to learn and all the technical stuff receivers learn, they out weigh each other. The best I can do is just to get better. That's it.

"We did good as a defense against Washington. We got two turnovers coming out of the DB room and there really were no big plays, we stopped the big plays. There weren't any 20 -yard after the catch receptions, tackling was good and our defensive line did really well, rushing to the quarterback, so we played a solid game.

"Chicago's offense is very talented, they're big and physical. They have probably the two biggest receivers as a duo and they're ready to compete and ready to win.

"I'm still confident. I'm always going to be confident. All I can do is work hard, get better, compete with my teammates and continue the process. I'm going into this week getting my mind right, and I'm hoping my number is going to get called."